Health Clinics & Hospitals in Los Angeles

Los Angeles health clinics provide quality medical, counseling and related services to individuals of cite. Clinic services are usually provided by a small staff and volunteer medical and counseling professionals and paraprofessionals who donate their time and experience in service to the community. Patients are encouraged to con tribute what they can for services they receive and to support the work of the Clinic.


They’re committed to providing exceptional care by treating the whole person with science, compassion, and humor. Providing relief and offering hope to those who suffer from treatment-resistant conditions is our top priority. They create calming, comfortable, and safe environment for every individual to get the care they deserve.

Saban Community Clinic

Saban Community Clinic

Saban Community Clinic has remained a Los Angeles area tradition since the 1960s. Originally the Los Angeles Free Clinic, they have been a pioneer in free health care from 1967 through the early 2000s. Now as Saban Community Clinic, they continue to make compassionate and high-quality medical care available for everyone, especially those most economically and socially vulnerable.

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